2016 Regional Meetings

An assortment of sessions from the 2016 USASF Regional Meetings.

Athlete Wellness

Come for discussion about topics in sports nutrition, mental well being and other topics involved in giving your athletes the edge to perform at their peak performance. In today’s competitive performance sports, the athletes who include sport specific nutrition and wellness strategies have an advantage over their competition. In sports that involve flipping and flying and strength, the proper wellness behaviors can make a difference between one level and another, like level 4 and level 5 or the difference between first place and second place. Dr. Kennedy will engage the class in a discussion of recent research about how to best fuel your athlete’s engine.

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Business 101

Keeping your business financially sound can be one of the most challenging aspects of owning an All Star program. In this session, Darlene will share with you how putting business first has created an all star program that sees success both on the mat and in their bottom line.

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Core Blast

Cheryl Paquette conducts this popular class full of innovative ideas to enhance performance skills by strengthening the core. Cheer AND Dance, this class is for you!

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Floor Barre

Alternative warm up ideas and tools to increase technique and flexibility using the center of the floor. Emphasis is on discovering placement using the ground in a new way.

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Jazz Progressions

Michelle Allison presents Jazz combinations, Incorporation of floor work and skill development for this wide ranging genre. Participation in this class will qualify you for Jazz Emphasis testing.

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Pom Progression

John Peters presents combinations and incorporation of floor work and skill development. Participation in this class will qualify you for Pom Emphasis testing.

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Preschool Curriculum

Are you looking for another revenue stream?  Debbie Love has created a Preschool Curriculum that you could implement immediately.  With class outlines for 3 different age groups:  Rollers (Baby & Me), Jumpers (walkers to 2 year olds), Twisters (3 & 4 year olds) you are ready to start promoting classes and increasing revenue tomorrow!

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Resilience not Perfection: Coach Empowerment

This class combines lessons from decades of gymnastics and cheer coaching along with studies in biology and psychology.  Here you will learn tactics to assist coaches in helping create teams of mentally strong athletes.  It’s a way of turning your gym into a vehicle of positive youth development for the empowerment of our participants.  At the end of the class, you’ll have some new tools to to add to your coaching toolbox that are aimed to empower both athletes and coaches alike. 

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Special Needs Course 101

Class is geared for coaches and assistants who have not yet attended a Special Needs Class at a Regional Meeting. Course covers what is required to coach athletes with Special Needs, the People First Language, preview of an Intake Form for new athletes and a look at The Handbook.

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Strategies for Coaching: How to Get Kids to do What You Want

Join Debbie Love as she shares her research and experience to help you get the most out of your athletes.  She will show you how understanding characteristics of age groups, personality types and learning styles will enable you to be a more effective coach.  In addition, she shares her tips for relating to kids in a safe positive, powerful environment.

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Turning Mental Blocks into Stepping Stones

Strategies and Tactics from Sports Psychology for Helping Cheerleaders with Mental Blocks: Many athletes in performance sports can be overwhelmed with the many stresses in this sport. This stress can freeze athletes from achieving skills that they had before, threatening their self-efficacy and self-esteem. This class takes lessons from psychology for the best ways to assist an athlete through a mental block. In this class, some theories and ideas on the nature of mental blocks will be explored as well as strategies and tactics for you to use to empower your athlete to journey from blocked to empowered. This class gives tools and suggestions for ‘in the moment’ help with athletes lost in their heads. At the end of the class, you’ll have some new tools to add to your coaching toolbox that are aimed to deal with your athletes anxiety.

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