In order to inspire our athletes to get their best or peak performance in their daily training, our coaches need the proper mindset.  The connection between the coaching staff and the team is contagious and bidirectional.  The best way to get the team in order, is to get the coaches in order first.  When the coach has their head in the game, so will the team.  Protection,  Empowerment, Advise, and Connection are the four pillars of dignified coaching.  One of these four pillars should be behind almost every interaction with your athletes.  It will lead to not only better success in your daily practices, better success at competitions, but you’ll be helping to create powerful young adults who will become productive happy citizens.  

This class combines lessons from decades of gymnastics and cheer coaching along with studies in biology and psychology.  Here you will learn tactics to assist coaches in helping create teams of mentally strong athletes.  It’s a way of turning your gym into a vehicle of positive youth development for the empowerment of our participants.  At the end of the class, you’ll have some new tools to to add to your coaching toolbox that are aimed to empower both athletes and coaches alike. 


  • Dr. Russell Kennedy



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Presented at a 2016 USASF Regional Meeting.