Best Practices for Return-to-Participation & Minimizing Burnout

Dr. Lindsay Stephens, Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, will share with attendees how to recognize and assess injuries common to All Star cheer. She will also address one of the most often discussed topics among injured athletes and parents, coaches and healthcare personnel: “When can I go back and play?” Return-to-participation (RTP) recommendations following injury can be a difficult decision for health-care professionals and athletes/parents/coaches due to the various factors that must be considered. Making an educated decision on RTP that ensures that the athletes’ physical and mental well being is the primary focus can minimize athlete burnout.

Cashing In: Secrets to Success and Turning USASF Developed Resources Into Money!

USASF Program Owner, Ayanna Williams, got out of debt and turned a profit of over $200K utilizing the programs developed by the USASF. Join us as she shares with you the secrets of her success.

USASF Program Owner, Lisa Burtner, implemented one of the most successful National All Star Cheer and Dance Day success stories ever, converting her NASCCD into 60+ registered athletes.

Join us as we share with you the with real life success stories who are ready to illustrate and give examples of how you can adopt and implement the ideas and programs that will take your business to the next level.

The Beginner, Intermediate and Expert Guide to Starting an Exceptional Athlete Team

Up for the challenge of starting an Exceptional Athlete team? Glenda Broderick will give you marketing ideas, go over the value of the Assessment/Intake Form and a plan of action for behavior management. Couple that with Debbie Love guiding you through coaching strategies for proper progression in physical training of the athletes and you have a grand master plan!

What Athletes are Exposed to Online & Our Role in Providing Safety Measures

Take an in depth dive into the realities of what our athletes are being exposed to, how significant the risks they are taking are and how we can make an impact.  What are safety measures we should have in place within our program?  Explore the peer-to-peer risks our athletes face both as victims and potential perpetrators of illegal behavior. And walk away with a curriculum that you can take home and present to parents to enlighten and educate.

Pre-Participation Exams

The overarching goal in performing a preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE) is to promote the health and safety of the athlete in training and competition. The PPE provides the medical background on which physical activity decisions will be made by the individual athlete’s physician.

ABCDE Emergencies

Are you prepared for emergencies while athletes are in your care? In this session join Dr. Lindsay Stephens as she discusses some of the possible emergency situations that may arise at your gym/studio or at a competition and the answers to these questions: What are they?; What do they look like?; What do I do?; How to return your athlete to the mat or marley?; and How can I prevent these situations from arising?