Youth Sports Opportunities for Impact and Growth

SportsEngine Vice President, Travis Shives, will discuss the challenges that all specialized club sports are currently facing. Rooted in experience working for, and with, successful national governing bodies, as well as six years contributing to SportsEngine growth from a small tech startup to a division of NBC Sports, Travis will provide a point of view on creating, fostering, and leading a culture of accessibility and growth in youth sports.

A panel of experts will further the topics introduced by our keynote speaker and identify key areas of focus for the next few years and help craft strategies to collectively achieve success.

Lead by Example & Pass It On: Are You the Best Role Model You Can Be?

In this session you will explore the importance of integrity and how to develop skills that promote being a positive role model. Learn more about the Leadership Education that the USASF provides for its members: from the new FUNdamentals resources to What’s your IQ Junior, What’s your IQ, BOLT, MARCH, IMPACT and Project Love. Discuss implementing these value added resources and discovering the leader in all of your athletes.

360 Degree Approach to Athlete Protection: What’s Your Score?

Creating a safe environment for the athletes placed in your care is quite possibly the most significant responsibility you face as an adult who works with children. In this session you will assess how well your program is meeting the needs of the athletes your are charged with protecting and gather the resources you need to equip not only yourself but your coaches, athletes, and parents.